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Corporate OnSite

OnSite Overview

Majestic Online is positioned to be the leading provider of converged training solutions, operating on a fundamental business driver that understands the IT training and development needs of the client.

  1. At Majestic Online our mission is to provide IT professionals with the highest level of self-study training and certification material
  2. With the growing demand for skills in the workplace and the greater need for increased service levels, there has never been a better time to undertake skills development on a unique platform using proven methodologies, with the latest technology ensuring clients get the most value from their training investment.
  3. The Majestic Online advantage is our expert instructor led online training, set in our advanced self study format with advanced user-controls, which helps to create the classroom experience, anywhere, anytime.
  4. 90% of all online courseware includes simulation labs, downloadable E-Books, exercises and practice labs which are guaranteed to get your staff certified.
  5. Certifications are recognized throughout the industry as the standard for validating knowledge and skill sets and help individuals demonstrate a proven level of expertise.


The Majestic Online Advantage

Majestic Online is a Microsoft IT Academy member &CompTIA CAPP Partner, guaranteeing our course curriculum not only meets but exceeds your certification training needs.  Majestic Online has a proven track record of successfully preparing IT professionals for their certification exams for the past decade.

The Majestic OffLine Corporate Program

Offline server: With this solution we would deploy an offline server to a single location. This server will contain the complete library of courses that Majestic Online has to offer. The server resides on your Local Area Network, which means you do not require any bandwidth to access the courses. The corporate would however be responsible to provide Majestic Online with connectivity to the server.

The server also contains a complete Learner Management System by which we are able to:

  1. Assign new students to courses
  2. Create company specific Bundles from the offering in the library
  3. Full reporting for managers on all students from LMS
  4. And many more features